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About Me


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

My name’s Maryann Kariuki. Yea, let’s start there. Hmmn…I’m trying to find a way to fit this tiny section with details about myself. Thinking I’d probably need some more space. A chapter in a book maybe. Or why not the whole book. Gosh I can already hear the naysayers at the back saying ‘calm down woman’. Ahaha. I’m just kidding. 


Over the past few years, I’ve lived a little nomad life, moved about in a few countries, travelled to a few more and fallen a little bit more in love with life. Well, maybe aside from one or two moments which I didn’t quite fall in love with. Like that time I got lost for hours, trying to find my hotel on my first solo trip. Or that other time my shoes got stolen at a traveller’s hostel. But see, all these quirky little moments made for memories and lessons I hold on to. Lessons that act as my little guiding lights in this quirky little life.


Stories From Around has been a dream of mine for some years now. And as the dream was brewing at the back of my mind, I started a podcast to keep it warm. So 49 episodes in, and one year later, the written version was born. A dream. My little dream. For the ones who just like me, love a little nice read on a cosy day.

So I'm not only grateful, but at peace with every moment I've spent wandering and moving and being one with this earth and all its magic. So this here is a brief account of my experiences and all the lovely moments, thoughts and conversations I've had.

All my love. Thanks for hanging out. 

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